Buying a home is probably your most significant investment in life. Not only are you choosing where you will live and raise your family, you are most likely investing a large portion of your savings. The more informed and prepared you are the less overwhelming the buying process will be.

At ARRICO OUR SERVICES are FREE to YOU! How do we get paid? The SELLER or Builder pays our commission. Both build the Realtor commission into the sales price and it is paid by them at the closing.

Some buyers try to go directly to the seller figuring they will get a lower price by cutting out the realtor. This usually backfires! Often the seller prices the property too high so you don’t actually save any money.

Builders encourage real estate agent participation because it increases their exposure. Commissions paid to agents by the builder are part of their marketing fee and is built in to the price of every home. The price for you will be the same with or without a Realtor.

CAUTION: The Builder’s Sales Agent Works for the Builder! You need to have a real estate expert represent your best interests and ensure you know all the details of the transaction.


Home Buying Steps:

Step 1: Get pre-approved – You will need to have available W-2s from the last 2 years, 30 days worth of pay stubs, last 3 months bank statements, savings, investment or other account statements where escrow and down payment funds are held.

Step 2: Location, location, location. Determine what area of town best suits your needs. Consider schools that children will attend, commute time to work, shopping, entertainment, etc

Step 3: List and prioritize the features you need and want the most in a house. How many stories, bedrooms, baths, split floor plan, pool, 2 or 3 car garage, etc.

Step 4: Search. Search the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) via our property search feature at www.arricorealty.com and do a preliminary search comparing prices and features in the location(s) you want. If you are searching out of our area go to www.realtor.com to view properties anywhere in the nation!

Step 5: Showings. Select the properties you are most interested in and would like to have us schedule personal showings. You can go through the home and get a “feel” for it and decide which house is best for you and your family.

Step 6: Make an offer. We will help you determine what price to offer by researching recently sold homes in the area as well as other pertinent data.

Step 7: Escrow. Know that you will have to submit an earnest money check when making an offer. The amount is usually $1,000 to $5,000 depending on the price of the home.

Step 8: Timelines. You have certain timelines to accomplish mortgage application, mortgage approval, inspections, etc. We will keep track of all these to ensure the process is completed quickly and efficiently.

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