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Are these listing fees indefinite, until the property has been leased?

The leasing fee is paid only once at the beginning of a new tenant lease. Management fee is per month thereafter.  No fees are due while property is vacant.

Basic Internet, Cable, and Alarm are included in the HOA fees. However, if tenant decides to "add" or “upgrade” services onto the existing basic services provided, they will be responsible for extras-- is this the case from your experience?

Yes, that is correct.

Do you inspect the homes?

We document the property condition using digital video and photography before and after tenant leasing. We also inspect every six months to ensure standards are upheld.

Do you view the actual credit report?

YES! We are certified to receive the actual full credit report not just a rental score.

Does your management software provide reports?

My software is web based solution that maintains all data on secure servers. I will send you monthly reports detailing expenses and/or issues on your property.

Home is under warranty from builder for 1 year, 10 year structural. However, normal wear and tear will be expected. Do you hold a security deposit (equal to 1 month’s rent) for any vandalism and/or damages beyond normal wear and tear?

Yes, we take and hold the security deposit for any issues that arise.

How do you do background checks?

All potential tenants are thoroughly screened through Appfolio, which retrieves credit history and worthiness, criminal background INCLUDING the sexual predator database, national eviction reports, tenant performance reports, public records, small claim judgments, and collection referrals.  

How much are the fees?

Leasing Fee: This pays for advertising, tenant screening, lease preparation, etc

Management Fee: This covers rent collection and distribution, coordination of maintenance, tenant relations, etc

Additional Fees: $50 per application (collected from applicant)
If more or less services are required we can accommodate and adjust the fees based on your specific needs.

If you manage all of my properties will I receive a discount?

YES! We offer multi-property discounts!!

If you manage my property will I receive a discounted commission when it comes time to sell?

Absolutely! When it is time to sell your property we will assess the market and together we’ll determine a discounted commission structure that will work best to get your home sold!

In Canada we use an application along with the other Terms/Conditions. Can they be added to our lease as well to help protect us further?

If there is something specific you want addressed we can surely do that. The application form is used to collect data for input into the background check. The lease we use is written specifically for your property by an attorney (no extra cost to you) that specializes in landlord/tenant law. It covers everything that is pertinent in Florida. 

Interior: appliances, A/C, and water heater are still under Warranty, do you recommend obtaining any other home warranties? If so, does it make sense to roll this cost into the tenants lease?

You should take this cost into consideration when setting the rental price. I don’t see a need to get other warranties on a new home.

Lease price: Our property is brand new, and has never been lived in. How do you determine the rent amount?

We provide a Rental Market Comparison Analysis that pulls data from several sources. I always try to list a little high to have room for negotiation.

The utilities are individually metered and extra on top of HOA fees. Are tenants usually responsible for these costs directly with utilities co?

Tenants are usually responsible for their own utilities unless other agreements are made.

We carry a “landlord Policy” on the dwelling. Are tenants also required to get their own personal insurance in Florida?

We cannot require the tenant to get Renter’s Insurance. However I highly recommend it the tenants and have a contact person available if they desire to get it.

We have 2 parking spots but only 2 parking scans. Ideally would like to keep one for either the management company, or ourselves. We may be able to obtain a 3rd.

We contact the HOA to let them know we are managing the property. Usually the HOA will issue new ones to us and/or tenants as needed with a letter from us.  

What is required for our Property Management Agreement signing?

The property management contract that you sign will have a Power of Attorney for you to sign and have notarized allowing me to order repairs, sign leases and do background checks on your behalf.

What type of lease do you use?

We use an Attorney provided lease that is specific to your property, not a fill-in-the-blank agreement.  This ensures legal sufficiency and protects you and your property should any problems arise.

When do I have to pay you leasing fees and monthly management fees?

Leasing fee is due upon lease signing. Monthly management fees are due when rent is due and deducted from tenant’s rent check.

Where do you advertise my home for rent?

We advertise the property for rent in the Mid-Florida Regional Multiple Listing Service (MFRMLS).  This computer data base reaches over 20,000 licensed Realtors who will assist us in renting your home. We also list homes in over 40 different websites as well as our own web site www.arricorealty.com . Please see the list of sites page for more information!

Who takes care of Maintenance?

We take care of all the repairs that are necessary on your property, both small and large and either forward the invoice to you for payment or take the amount out of the rent payment. We have put together a team of maintenance companies over the years that are honest, reliable, and professional.

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